Poem: Poet’s Narcissus

Small stand of Poet-s Narcissus, plants with six white petals surrounding a yellow center outlined in red.

This is my day eight entry for the City of Refuge April Poem-a-Thon. A little attempt at humor today.

Poet’s Narcissus, Identified

Seventy-four species identified 
by the app on my phone. One more, I get
a badge. Puffed up with my near achievement
I scout the neighborhood park for a plant
or critter to put me over the top.
Across the creek, frilled white bonnets bob in
the breeze looking freshly laundered, each one
framing golden lips lined in red, puckered
for an expected kiss. My phone app says
seventy-five is Poet’s Narcissus. 
So perfect! Were these placed here just for me?


Poem-a-Thon Day Seven

My day seven entry for the City of Refuge Poem-a-Thon. This is another one that feels somewhat unfinished to me, but I’m calling good enough for now.


Pick an escape, any escape
Knock on the door of fate
What does the glass orb show?
A way out or a way in?
Which way out, which way in?
Or is the vision dim?
Let the stars chart a path
If no path can be seen
Venture into the darkness. 
But take a light.
Pick a light, any light.


Poem-a-Thon, Day Six

My day six entry for the City of Refuge Poem-a-Thon. I decided today to follow their prompt which suggested using rhyme in some way. I have a feeling I will add more to this later, but for now I’m calling it done enough.

Things I Am Choosing to Ignore

The widening crack in the bathroom wall
The box of “decluttered” items in my entry hall

The plan I made for this day last night
The opportunity to make that right

The distance between my heart and head
The number of books on my list “to be read”

The conspiracy theories of a stranger
A growing sense of impending danger

Criticism from people who have no clue
And the agendas they want to pursue


Poem-a-Thon Day Four

Day 4 entry for the City of Refuge Poem-a-Thon. For this one in particular, I feel the need to remind everyone it’s a rough draft. I only had a few free minutes today. I chose a list of random words and tried to connect them without overthinking.

Among Faces I Know

Among faces I know
Time has made many deep
Change coming in the enrichment of details
Dimes spent to cover the etchings,
Pursuing erasure, can only stretch so far
The face will do its job of showing the
Threads that create a life story
May my eyes seek the depth, the details,
The story, the human within the story


Poem: Milkweed

Day three of thirty in the City of Refuge Poem-a-Thon.



When urban deer, 
well adapted to our city ways,
casually grazed everything
else to the ground last year
my milkweed survived unscathed,
their pearly glue-like sap
a genius survival trick.
I watched each day for monarchs.
Two appeared eventually.
I planted these just for you,
spread the word, I would have said 
if I spoke butterfly.
Spring again. Green shoots 
break through and my 
watchful gaze is renewed.
Soon emerald leaves will unfurl
spreading like hands in supplication.
I hope the plea is understandable
to the monarchs:
I’m here to serve. Please come. 
Bring your friends.