A Heartening Little Sign for Poetry

I was just renewing my library books on-line a few minutes ago, when something unprecedented happened. A book of poetry failed to renew because someone has a hold on it. Frequently, I find I can’t renew a title because of someone else’s hold. But it’s never happened before for poetry. And I check out poetry a lot. Also, I renew a lot.  (Oh shush. Working at a library doesn’t mean I’m any better than anyone else at returning materials on time.) So I have a feel for how uncommon this is.

In fact, I tried two more times to renew the book, thinking I’d somehow failed to click the correct box or something. Then I finally read the message about the item having holds, the message that informed me there are people in this city who care about poetry, who want to read it.

The book in question, in case anyone wonders, is Apocalyptic Swing by Gabrielle Calvocoressi.

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