Dear Maeve Binchy

Dear Maeve Binchy,

Upon reading the first couple of chapters of Minding Frankie, I feel compelled to stage a a dialogue intervention.

Americans do not “take posts.” We “get jobs.”

Also we do not “fancy” anyone. We might “like” someone, or “like like” someone, or one of us might be “in love with” someone, or be “hot for” someone. But we don’t send emails talking about “fancying” another person.

You’re great at the relationship between characters stuff, but  perhaps you should get some help for your American dialect problem.

That’s all for now.

2 comments on “Dear Maeve Binchy

  1. Helena says:

    Ha! I love looking at small differences in English like this (be it Irish English or British English). It’s (obviously)OK if the book is set abroad, but when they are set here in the US, it’s kind of funny.


    • thedamari says:

      Binchy’s books – including this one – are set in Ireland, for the most part. But she does have American characters here, speaking pretty much as the Irish ones do. I haven’t stopped reading the book over it.


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