November Numbers

I squeezed in twenty minutes of novel writing tonight, the last official day of NaNoWriMo. And my total word count for November is 5,461. I didn’t leave out a digit. I also didn’t sign up for NaNoWriMo.

I consider 5,461 respectable, given all of my other responsibilities. That’s 5,461 words and Thanksgiving dinner for ten people. And a home improvement project. A refinanced mortgage. A daughter enrolled for the spring semester of college. Two doctors’ appointments with my mom. Dental appointments for both me and my son. Winter coat shopping for my younger child. And more than 100 pages worth of manuscript critique for my writers’ group.

Oh look. I managed to compose a blog post before midnight. 5,581 words.

Author: thedamari

I live in Missouri, a more beautiful place than many realize. I love writing, reading, walking, bicycling, and making lists. I’ve written poetry since I was seven. A few years ago I branched out into short fiction and memoir pieces. I also perpetually have a novel in progress. My brain pursues ideas at a brisk pace, wandering all over the map. This blog represents one of my efforts to keep up with it.

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