Poem: Teen Dies in Shooting

I was sorting through some of my poems the other day, and came across this one I wrote several months ago. I know it could use some more polish, but it seems always sadly timely. It was based on a newspaper headline.


Teen Dies in Shooting

Teen Dies in Shooting
and mothers who read the headline
die inside a little more
from the combined effects of this
and child soldier documentaries
along with
Young Lives End in Car Wreck

Oh my children, let me go with you
everywhere to hold your hand,
throw myself in front of the gun,
hide you from the recruiters,
grab the steering wheel

Let me never lay myself down to sleep
lest something evil should happen
while I’m not keeping watch

2 comments on “Poem: Teen Dies in Shooting

  1. Big “Like” from me, Ida.

    I like these current events poetry.

    One idea in the last stanza is to make “keep” the last word instead.


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