On Today’s Walk: Winter Walking

Here’s a game changer for my winter walks. A new coat, with much warmer sleeves than my old one. The temperature was 32, with a real feel of 27, but I was snuggly warm for two and a half miles. I also had on thermal underwear, so there’s that, too.

Winter coat
So warm.

The Winter Queen brushed her fingertips along the landscape as she went by.

Frosty shrubs

All hail the Queen!

Icy branches

Bow down before Her Majesty.

Ornamental grass bowed by snow


4 comments on “On Today’s Walk: Winter Walking

  1. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall says:

    I got a new coat and I’m ridiculously in love with it. So cozy. I love down.

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  2. I feel so reassured to know you are cozy warm while you are walking, and I love your writing.

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  3. Yeah you need to have “thermal-wear” to pay homage to such a queen!


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