Poem: Sun Hat

Today is day nine in the City of Refuge 30-day Poem-a-Thon. Here’s my entry.

Sun Hat

From the closet each April I retrieve my most
valiant protector, a woven oval
of straw, a simple band of blue fabric
its only flourish. Not all heroes are
flashy with a complicated backstory.
Sometimes a quiet, stolid presence provides
the most effective aid, and I have learned the pain
of disregarding this fact.


Author: thedamari

I live in Missouri, a more beautiful place than many realize. I love writing, reading, walking, bicycling, and making lists. I’ve written poetry since I was seven. A few years ago I branched out into short fiction and memoir pieces. I also perpetually have a novel in progress. My brain pursues ideas at a brisk pace, wandering all over the map. This blog represents one of my efforts to keep up with it.

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